Easter Blowout: Time to Push Selected Items and Gain New Customers

David MillerGeneral

Easter weekend is coming and online shoppers are waiting for the last minute blowout announcements and advertisements that are accompanied by enormous savings. Sales of this magnitude only present themselves a couple of times per year. As the seasons change, so do the styles. Your site will have higher traffic than usual, as you already know.

Ready or not, here they come!

This is one of those rare times of year when it’s time to clear out the items in the stockroom with higher margins and styles that are overstocked. Retailers are accustomed to dropping prices on nearly all of their stock by offering massive discounts. E-shops usually offer a minimum of 50% off, in order to push product out the door. The population of shoppers know this and can already feel the buzz of what’s to come. Your customers are ready to try their best to deplete your shelves.

As you may already know, many of these shoppers will be first time visitors on your site. If given an amazing experience, these first timers will be back. How do you plan on enriching the user experience so that it will keep their money coming back to your site again and again? With customers hoping to snatch up huge discounts, it is time to look at the overall strategy of improving their experience.

This is the right time for your e-shop to allot additional savings on your site with “next purchase”. They will love you for this! The savings will get the customers to revisit your site in the future….

…but how are you going to keep the customers coming back month after month, year after year?

Well, this is when using an experience cloud comes into place. It is absolutely imperative that the most relevant communication is taking place with each individuals using your site, existing or new customers. An experience cloud is king in creating highly effective personalization for each user of your e-commerce site.

Exponea Experience Cloud offers the path for e-commerce to know each customer inside and out, meaning style, brand, color, size and cut preferences. Deploying their AI on your site will now make recommendations and predictions based on their likes and dislikes, helping to making each shopping experience completely relevant to the user.

Additionally, understanding the individual makes personalized communication achievable. The e-shop is able to send offers through messaging, weblayers and customized layouts that appeal to each user. Exponea paved the road to make sure that you can control what each customer sees. From addressing them by their name to offering them highly relevant offers, the customer will feel that they are valued by your company.

The more your business knows about your online shoppers and uses this, the more the customer will be encouraged to spend on the site which, of course, leads to increased revenue for your company. Having Exponea Experience Cloud as a driver of creating customer loyalty will surely lead to the smartest type of marketing and lead to extended lifetime value.

Companies on five continents have chosen Exponea for its customer analyses and predictions, rich API that allows third-party integration, and marketing automation enriched with artificial intelligence.

Exponea is the no.1 Fastest Growing SaaS Company in Europe, according to SaaS 1000.

1000+ e-commerce and analytical specialists prefer Exponea. Fulfilling expectations,rated the company as the no.1 “High Performer” in marketing automation and no.1 in “Best Relationship” in the G2Crowd Relationship Index for Marketing Automation 2018.

The goal of the Easter sale is about clearing out selected items in the stockroom that are either overstock or have higher margins. However, the goal should be bigger than that – converting first timers to becoming repeat customers and wowing your current users. Now is the time to show each customer that you value their business.

Check out what Exponea says about various customer types: