5 ways Duke+Dexter have avoided their growth from “loafing” around

Juraj HornyWebinar

Duke+Dexter are a rapidly growing men’s shoe company who is no stranger to the common marketing growing pains.  With a “made in England,” mentality it has been their aim to grow globally without cannibalizing their own their own B2C market.  Their initial strategy was to focus specifically on the men’s Red Carpet style loafer to gain easy adoption from celebrities to gain rapid visibility and credibility.  

This strategy proved to be most fruitful when Eddie Redmayne was seen sporting the stylish slipper during his 2015 Oscar win for Best Actor.  Shortly after popular A-listers Justin Timberlake, Ryan Reynolds, Jonah Hill could be seen with the trendy kicks.  Even now, they have begun collaboration with rap legend Snoop Dogg.  

Like many companies diving into the foray of rapid expansion the scope of PPA wasn’t fully realized until proper data collection and analysis was streamlined while effectively developing a retention system from scratch.  Initially armed with Google Analytics and basic transaction data their hopes were to drive traffic as quickly as possible to the right product/segment.  The biggest challenge was to find out, when is the right time to reach out to customer based on their behavior.

Then three months ago the shoe moguls began testing Exponea’s solutions.  “Since automation, ‘lost’ customers have come back to purchase and restart the customer journey.” They go on to say, “while using the data it is (now) easier to make decisions regarding media spend, placement and personalizing the website based on previous purchases from that customer.”  

Geo-specific can be correlated with less conservative/conventional styles based on related conversions.  As mentioned in the webinar, with rather low traffic coming from Scandinavia and Russia, but with a massive conversion rate, it was an easy decision to increase investment from a marketing angle.  With shipping in one to three days to over one hundred countries automation becomes crucial.  

They go on to say that their main challenge has been proper data collection and proper interpretation of that data.  Initially focused more on CPS rather than CPA before the means had become available.  “Without proper data, we were unable to determine what a customers proper value at point of sale and what is the proper value in two years time.”  Once armed with this knowledge they were able to widen the CPA levels and start to properly scale.  

“The predictive models in Exponea share the likelihood of purchase and when to ‘dial up’ the budget and at what stage (email, facebook, PPC, etc).” They continue, “This can also be done before purchase based on their past behavior… which has proved to be unbelievably powerful.” By setting up the Take2 dashboards they were able to understand a significant amount of business data with regard to not only media spend but also helped to sculpt production choices.  Styles with very low conversion rates became visible, will it work commercially or conversely what converting quickly and should be exploited.

They concluded the webinar with, “With most companies, there is a reluctance to look at data and insight – with the short time Duke+Dexter has been with Exponea they have seen significant gains. And this is just the beginning.”