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    Do you like Experiments?

    Jan 24, 2018 Maros Gardon 2 min read

    Making changes to the website design is, in many cases, the most effective way to optimize the conversion rate and boost revenue. Let’s be honest, design is tremendously influencing decisions of today’s customers. A well and neatly designed webpage may help you catch the already distracted attention of your customers, just in the right moment.

    Sound simple? It actually isn’t, since you need to hire an experienced web-designer, procure A/B testing software and allocate money, time, and resources to the project.

    In the world of e-commerce, businesses are looking for solutions which are easy to use, yet powerful, enabling them to achieve their objectives with minimum efforts, thus making their life easier.

    EXPONEA Experiments feature empowers businesses to make instant adjustments to the webpage design, immediately run A/B testing, and analyze the impact of the changes in relation to the conversion targets and KPIs. Experiments have been designed to serve as a virtual playground with all the right tools at hand.

    The feature is intuitive and easy to use, so anyone from your team can become a web-designer and test new designs which may bring your business additional revenue, subscribers, or whatever your goal is.

    All the design activities are performed in a visual editor. You only need to select a specific part of the website and perform the desired changes.

    Now, how can you make use of all this power? There are many web design best practices like making your website more visually appealing (fonts, colors, pictures) or deleting unnecessary elements distracting customers from completing the desired action.

    If you want to see the real value behind these best practices, here are some successful use-cases delivered using Exponea.

    #1 change of the “add to cart” button color from red to green-  9.25% conversion uplift
    #2 removing the “add to cart” button from the products overview page (included only in the product detail  page) – 17.2% increase in RPV 
    #3 reordering of webpage elements – recommendation panel moved to the top of the homepage section – 33% increase in RPV

    With Experiments, you can now easily deliver similar results to your business.

    As Exponea is constantly evolving to deliver the best user experience, in the near future,  you can expect further enhancement of the feature. Just to give you a taste of what is coming soon, Experiments will support personalization through Jinja empowering businesses to significantly improve their key metrics by displaying only the most relevant content based on the customer preferences and past behavior.

    In addition to web layers, Experiments are another milestone to make EXPONEA a full-stack marketing solution enabling you to attract more customers with less efforts.

    Start experimenting today, you are limited only by your creativity!

    Guide available here.

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