Data Science Club — 1st Meetup

Luna ShirleyData Science

There is a new Data Science Club in town, and by town I mean Bratislava. The kickoff was on Monday the 16th of October, titled Intro Into Data Science and we met in FIIT’s Turing lecture room.

So how was it?

About 50 people from the business and academic environments attended which, in my opinion, was excellent attendance for any “first of” — so obviously people are interested in Data Science in Bratislava. Now, I just hope that the news about the hottest club in town will spread like wildfire.

Okay, enough of me making cheesy puns and back to how it went.

To start it off, Jozo Kovac told us that the point of the Data Science Club is to bridge the divide between academics and business and ensured everyone that it’s not Exponea’s self promo, so other companies are very welcome as speakers. We are going to tackle topics as problem first which means that theory plays second fiddle to an actual solutions to perceived problems and explained that data science is intrinsically multidisciplinary, yet no one can be an expert on everything.

Then, Robert Lacok took over and his talk was about the data science process and challenges that data scientists face, which to a certain degree, we’ve gone through ourselves.

After Robo’s talk, our task was to go through the process of creating a prediction model on dataset from Kaggle and the guys from Exponea’s A.I. team were on hand to help us with whatever hiccup we might have had.

Even though I have some Python experience, I’m strongest in the domain and business expertise spectrum of data science, but with the help of everyone I was able to run my first prediction model without any tool such as Exponea or Rapid Miner — woohoo.

And to finish up our meetup — the PIZZA arrived O_O! Chatting with newly unearthed fellow data science enthusiasts, while munching on a slice of pizza, was the best.

So, to summarize — I’m looking forward to the next meetup in about two weeks and if you’d like to join, follow this Facebook page.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Data Science Club isn’t self promo event
  • Data science is intrinsically multidisciplinary and no one can really be an expert in every aspect of it
  • Problem first approach
  • Creating a decision tree isn’t that hard