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    Control access to your project with roles & permissions

    Product Jul 04, 2017 Robert Capla 1 min read

    As more team members join your Exponea project each working on a different set of things, it becomes necessary to assign proper roles and permissions so that boundaries and responsibilities are clearly set.

    As admins, you can invite people to your project and manage their Roles & Permissions, under the “Team” tab in “Project settings”.
    Admins & Users
    There are two standard system roles with a predefined set of permissions: User and Admin. Users are able to fully work with analyses and campaigns, including their execution. Admins can additionally manage project settings and manage permissions.
    Separate access to analyses and campaigns
    Sometimes you may need external people to prepare your campaign assets without having access to your analyses. Now you can do that by simply setting custom permissions and giving them No access to Analyses. Of course, this also works the other way around, when you don’t want analysts to mess up your campaigns.
    Control campaign execution
    Not only can you limit access to campaigns and analyses by setting read and write permissions, you can also customise permissions limiting the user from executing campaigns. This opens the possibility for a simple approval process that you can implement in your organisation.
    Use the “Developer” checkbox in combination with the Custom role to give permission to external developers who should only be allowed to use asset manager, tag manager, imports, catalogs and integrations.
    Learn more about how Roles & permissions work in our guide.

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