Data Science Club #3

Robert LacokData Science

The third session of the Data Science Club featured some excellent talks on data analytics in games and data warehousing. In case you missed it or would like to revisit some of the details, see … Read More

Data Science Club #2

Jakub MacinaData Science

The Data Science Club continued on Monday 30th of October in a lecture hall in the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. The big announcement is that Exponea joined forces with Personalized Web Research Group from … Read More

1st Kafka Bratislava Meetup

Matus CimermanData Science

Why would you start building a community focused on a single technology? In this region there are only a few companies using this technology. That is exactly the reason why! Apache Kafka is a brilliant … Read More

Like that red skirt? Check this one!

Peter KovacsData Science

Have you seen the latest Silicon Valley episode where Jian Yang built hot-dog classifier with convolutional neural network (CNN)? If you do not know what CNN is don’t worry I will explain it.