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Boost your Shopify store revenue with these tools

Jun 15, 2016 Adam Pavlisin 3 min read

It doesn’t matter if you are a Shopify heavy user, newbie or just thinking about establishing your own online store on Shopify: there are tools that can make your Shopify operations more efficient and effective than you would have thought possible. Choosing the right ones will increase your revenue, build trust between customers and your business and save you loads of time.

Here’s a short list of the most useful tools widely used by successful stores. Enjoy!

Referral marketing to spread a word

Having great products to sell is not enough to grow your revenue. Customers’ opinion is what builds trust between you and your customers, so don’t underestimate it. The right tools will make word-of-mouth work best for your business.
Yotpo is a review tool that increases sales by generating 9 times more reviews. It sends Mail After Purchase (MAP) automatically to customers, who have recently made a purchase, enabling them to evaluate and write a review. The data gets directly uploaded onto your website. The tool is mobile friendly.
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Automatic user engagement

Ever heard of the Engagement Automation Ecosystem? This is what saves your time and boosts your conversion rate.
Exponea, a tool that blends analytics with marketing automation, is perfect for every user. Beginners appreciate it does not require any IT knowledge, while the top 10% of companies rave about its advanced mode. And thanks to Shopify integration you can have it up and running in 5 minutes.


How it works:

Analytics gathered from your users’ activities are used for future scenarios – you can choose from Exponea’s own proven ones, or create your own. When the user performs a defined action, e.g., adds a product to the cart, a whole chain of scenarios (e.g. emails, recommendations, popups etc.) get triggered and executed automatically.
scen+shdwExponea offers 5 ways to increase your conversion rate:

  • targeted campaigns,
  • cart reactivation,
  • incentive messages,
  • website personalization,
  • recommendations to cross- and up-sell.

See how Exponea helps to boost sales with a 14-day trial period.
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Social media marketing automation

Social media is one of the most essential sources of traffic for eshops. If you have been using multiple channels, you will have noticed that maintaining presence on social media, while seemingly a small task, actually takes quite a lot of time.
Around.io is an apps that will make the challenge manageable.
This app increases e-shop productivity by saving you more than 30 hours per month. Around.io connects with the Shopify store and your social media accounts and receives product details inside the dashboard. Now you can either post or schedule products (all necessary data like product images and details are inside the tool), plan your posts daily or weekly and search for popular content to share with followers.
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Cross sell your products

Here is another app that will help you to boost revenue from Shopify. Cross-sell is the tool that gives you control over choosing which related items to sell to the same customer. You can hand pick the related products you think go best with the viewed item. The tool is relatively inexpensive, but then again, you can try it for 14 days for free.
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Manage your Inventory

Ordore is one of the best apps when it comes to managing your inventory across all sales channels. The tool is highly appreciated for its user interface and stellar customer support.
Its impressive list of features includes multichannel inventory management, integrated shipping, dropshipping, and business analytics.
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Track your shipments

Enabling your customers to view delivery status is a plus to your business karma.
Aftership is a widely used tool for tracking all your shipments in one place. You can use the app for free. A premium paid account enables you to send email or SMS notifications that will engage your customers after purchase.
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The Shopify service market is extensive. We have selected what are, in our opinion, the most useful services that will grow your revenue. But as always, people have different preferences. What is your favourite Shopify tool?

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