Better update your e-commerce sales days, the ones you know are history

Juraj HornyGeneral

Traditional red-letter dates are getting a sharp challenge from some new events and new opportunities.

Everyone knows about the post-Thanksgiving Black Friday shopping binge. It’s on every e-marketers calendar. But who would have ever guessed that purchases on Amazon’s Prime Day are now passing those made on Black Friday in some market segments?

Shoppers can make their own traditions

Don’t forget Single’s Day. It started as an anti-Valentines Day event for Chinese singles but has since morphed into the world’s biggest online shopping day, with people spending an estimated $17.8 billion during the event’s 24 hours. In just two hours, Chinese consumers spent more than $7 billion on the Alibaba shopping website. Not bad for one website.

Just so you know, the next Singles Day is on November 11. And Prime Day – the global sales event for Amazon Prime members – is on July 11.

These boots are made for walking … and for shopping

In addition to the big shopping events, there are focused events such as Walk to Work Day on April 7 and National Running Day on June 7. These events have marketing potential, whether you sell shoes, socks, or even just deodorant.

Grab the dates

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