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    Better filters, improved web layer targeting

    Nov 16, 2016 Jozo Kovac 2 min read

    If there’s one thing we love, it’s building features that open up new possibilities in analytics and marketing automation. We develop a lot of them on our own, but it’s even more exciting when ideas about new features come directly from you, our users.
    The rise of great feedback from your side means that more and more of you are becoming experts in personalised marketing, which is enthralling – not only does it make your companies more successful, it also pushes us to keep evolving.
    Thank you for it! And now, without further ado, let’s take a look at two recent updates we did for you – better filters and improved web layer targeting.

    Dynamic attributes on the right side of filters

    Customer filters in Exponea used to match attributes of all kinds (static, aggregates, expressions, segmentations) with a constant or a list of constants.

    As of now, you can use filters to match one set of customer attributes with another customer attributes.


    Create, apply and manage the improved customer filters just like you’re used to.

    Let’s pause here and think about it for a moment.
    Could you imagine a typical situation when such matching is useful?

    We put together a list of four matching scenarios that might inspire you

    1. Compare a static user attribute vs. a dynamic attribute
      • “user.shoe_size” IN last(view_product.shoe_size_on_stock) 
    2. Compare two dynamic user attributes
      • last(purchase.shoe_size) in last(view_product.shoe_size_on_stock) 
    3. Compare segmentation (vs. another segmentation, vs. static attribute)
    4. Compare aggregates (different + time shifted)
      • sum(purchase.revenue in last 30 days) > sum(purchase.revenue in last 30 days before 30 days)
      • sum(acquisition.amount) > sum(pruchase.gross_profit)

    Try one of these or create your own use case in your project!

    Web layers mobile / desktop targeting, include and exclude list

    With the rising popularity of web layers as an easy-execution feature, we’ve heard many of you asking for targeting interface improvements.

    The most common request? To add mobile / desktop devices targeting and an easy way to include website locations to be excluded.

    We’re happy to announce you that both options are now available. Try them out!


    There’s an “or” operator applied in SHOW ON options. That means your web layer will be displayed on all pages you select, not only where they intersect.

    There’s a challenge we face

    How do we make the web layers user interface better without overcomplicating it?

    Instead of adding all thinkable options we’d like to steer your attention toward the Audience option. You can use all user filters, including those mentioned above, to target precisely defined customer behaviour.

    Should you be interested in more technical details, rest assured that e.g. capping is easy to implement as a condition: AUDIENCE – only users that have seen this banner less than N times count(banner when banner_id = [copy & paste this id from page URL]) < N.

    We are fully aware that this isn’t the most convenient way. On the other hand, it’s the most powerful one and also one that covers the majority of basic and many unique use cases.

    Got something to add? Leave us a comment or reach out to your value delivery consultant!

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