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Insights Jan 04, 2019 Samuel Kellett 1 min read

Listen in for the latest take on marketing topics in 2019.

What is Exponea Audio Insights?

We’ve adapted and recorded our most popular articles into bite-sized audio blog episodes. Each episode goes into depth on a key marketing topic, while remaining short enough to listen to while getting ready for work in the morning.

Why Did We Create Exponea Audio Insights?

We want the topics we discuss to be as accessible as possible. Not everyone is a visual learner; we hope this audio version will be highly beneficial to those who learn best through listening. Plus, you can now explore the latest topics in marketing while doing chores around the house, driving to the office, or making dinner.

Where Can I Find Exponea Audio Insights?

We’ll provide a link to the audio versions within the written articles. You can also find new episodes at any of these locations:

The easiest way is to subscribe, and we’ll send every new episode to your inbox.

What Are Some Episodes I Can Listen to Now?

Conversion Funnels: Analysis and Optimization for E-Commerce in 2019

How to Use Artificial Intelligence(AI) in Online Fashion Retail in 2019

The Importance of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) in Marketing

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