Analytics reworked

Jozo KovacProduct

You may have noticed changes in the analytics module. This article will explain what comes next.

We design Exponea as a Direct Execution Ecosystem (Direct Execution is an ability to trigger a campaign by clicking on a value in chart). We take this commitment seriously and want all Exponea analyses to support Direct Execution.

Analyses that already support Direct Execution:

  • Funnels
  • Retentions
  • Segmentations

Analyses that will get the Direct Execution capability very soon:

  • Reports

Analyses that will be removed due to lack of support for Direct Execution:

  • Geo analysis
  • Flows
  • Trends

Trend can be easily substituted by Reports with timestamp in rows. We’ll add maps charts to Reports. And we are working on a more general “Customer journeys” analysis as a replacement for flows.

Customer journeys are a nice example of the direction we would like to pursue going forward. More complex analyses will ensure that every Exponea user gets maximum value from the tool, and answers to his or her most pressing B2C questions.

You can discuss upcoming changes in our Slack community channel.