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    An open letter to Exponea’s customers, partners, and community from Peter Irikovsky, Exponea’s CEO

    Mar 18, 2020 Peter Irikovský 2 min read

    Dear Exponea customers and community,

    Due to the spread of COVID-19, we are facing an unprecedented situation. I’d like to briefly inform you of the measures we’re taking to protect our employees, customers, partners and business and provide assistance for you and your organization, both throughout this crisis and into the future following it.

    Health and safety

    We have a clear responsibility toward society, and hence have implemented very strict measures: 

    • All employees have been asked to work from home as of March 13th, 2020
    • Travel has been restricted and can only be approved in extreme cases by our COO
    • We’ve asked employees to self-isolate after any travel (in fact, my family and I are in self-isolation after our recent travel from Europe to US)
    • We’ve ordered several hundred respirators for our employees to enable them to be safe if they’d need to get outside their homes

    Business continuity

    Our 270+ employees are located in 15 major cities across the US, Europe and the Middle East. We’ve reviewed all business critical functions and have ensured that each function can be performed from multiple locations. 

    Specifically, client services are covered in 10+ geographic locations, which is critical to our ability to meet the current demand of our eCommerce clients (more than 75% of our client base), who are seeing a surge in their business. 

    Additionally, all employees are required to use secure VPN and we have daily departmental check-ins and virtual meetings.

    How we can help now

    With many misleading sites and the noise of misinformation, here are some resources we’ve relied on related to COVID-19. 

    We are creating a microsite that will collect verified research data and news on COVID-19 and its impact on eCommerce and marketing to help you stay credibly informed.

    Importantly, the mindset of consumers has changed and your automated communication needs to be updated accordingly to prevent appearing ignorant to the current crisis. To help you do this, we’ve prepared a checklist to help you avoid the most common pitfalls.

    Additionally, we will be hosting open community calls for CRM managers and CMOs, please look for an invite and join to provide your perspective and hear from others.

    How we can help in the future

    The world is being reshaped by fear. As the current epidemic will likely last for several weeks, it will likely also reshape our longer-term habits. After the worst is over, there will not be a return to normal, but there will be a completely “NEW normal.” Surviving and thriving in the new normal will require that you understand your customers and adapt to their changing needs. 

    Exponea’s mission has been to “Create leading customer experiences.” The current state of the world further validates the importance of our mission. Exponea remains committed to your success. We will be here for you!

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