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    AI Doesn’t Replace Marketers, it Aids in Their Quest

    Feb 21, 2018 David Miller 4 min read

    The simple mention of AI causes skepticism among many. The reality is that it is being used all around us already, due to its practical applications in various fields. Areas of implementation would include finance, healthcare, transportation, education, medical diagnosis, speech recognition and flight simulation. Artificial Intelligence has been and will continue to be implemented into further fields, continuing to make the jobs of humans more efficient and profoundly easier.

    One such field would include the incredible impact that machine learning has had on e-commerce and online fashion companies. It should be viewed in this way – AI is the ultimate group of smart colleagues who never stop working, ever. Exponea Experience Cloud has proven itself time and again, applying AI where particularly beneficial – online fashion and e-commerce. The platform has been implemented by online fashion retailers around the world and with notable success.

    The experience cloud was designed, from the ground up, to be the AI-powered tool that directly focuses on customer-centricity. Face it, if you work in online retail, the customer is the single most important factor on the path to prosperity. Exponea recognized the need to better connect e-commerce to its customers, creating optimized experiences by way of personalization.

    So what can AI do for online marketers?

    Machine learning is a relatively new concept in marketing but it has some amazing advantages. AI takes every single activity carried out on a website by customers and remembers exactly what they were. What it does next is the most critical element, it understands the customer, individually.

    When AI takes over, it comprehends what the customer has bought and what their preferences suggest about them. With that, the e-commerce site is able to make compound recommendations. There are features that are used in order to drive sales with recommendations, one is “similar products” and the other is “customers also bought”, as seen in use cases on the Exponea Experience Cloud website. Customers are able to be heard and understood personally through AI.

    Data Scientist at Exponea, Jakub Macina, says “Machine learning ensures that the right products are personalized for each customer from thousands of products available, or the right products are found based on specific tastes in fashion.” Based on this, e-shops are able to increase sales by making completely relevant suggestions to each individual user. It’s this type of customer based triggers that the user can really feel and it translates into financial uplift for the online retailer.

    When e-commerce organizations implement the advanced AI-powered platform of Exponea, they have the ability to make predictions. This is a game-changer for online companies. Marketers are able to send “emails delivered on time” to each customer with highly personalized content. This means that each customer receives content that is relevant to them specifically, and at a time that they are most likely to view the message. Peter Kovacs, data scientist and AI engineer at Exponea says that it “helps marketers predict when to advertise and to whom”. This would be a tall task for any company in 2018 without the use of machine learning tools.

    Logically, this means that marketers are significantly less tied down and have an increased capacity for more creative tasks. AI will absorb a lot of the heavy lifting in the company to increase revenue. The marketer on the other hand will continue to develop the overall strategy and image of the brand, as well as other vital tasks.

    You see, there is no reason to hesitate when discussing whether or not to implement the use of AI, especially in online marketing. Exponea Experience Cloud is applying AI cleverly and has been implementing machine learning into companies for quite a few years now with a trail of successes in their wake. The company is an award-winning customer experience and data management platform that boosts e-commerce growth with AI-powered engagement automation. It also helps improve company culture with improved cross-department collaboration and customer centricity. Exponea empowers e-commerce in delivering highly personalized experiences to their customers, raising conversion rates and maximizing customer lifetime value. The team focuses on fast growing online retail companies and fashion brand leaders around the world.

    Exponea is the #1 Fastest Growing SaaS Company in Europe according to SaaS 1000.

    1000+ e-commerce and analytical specialists prefer Exponea. Fulfilling expectations, G2Crowd rated the company as the no.1 “High Performer” in marketing automation, along with earning the badge of “Best Relationship” with customers, according to the G2Crowd Relationship Index 2018. The team of 150+ professionals operate worldwide and have offices in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Moscow, Berlin, Prague, Warsaw, Bratislava, Bogota and Palo Alto.

    It doesn’t take a lot to understand that the daily applications of AI are legitimately relieving humans in their professional life exertions. No need to fear AI, afterall we are all on the same side. This is especially true for online marketers in optimizing their efforts.

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