We now have our own restaurant!

Jan BuzaGeneral

2016_09_22_Bratiliano_seafood_FBpost_1200x628_2Exponea has surprised employees by buying half of their favorite restaurant. Menu includes items illegal in Silicon Valley.

Analytic company Exponea has acquired a stake in Bratiliano, a bistro frequented by its employees. A special menu is available to those considering swapping a Silicon Valley career for a more adventurous stint: Kinder Surprise Eggs are illegal to sell in the US and poppy seeds cakes are illegal in Singapore. At Exponea, you can eat them both for dessert. And how about an evening party? Absinthe with more than 10 ppm of thujone (more than 10mg per liter) remains illegal in Silicon Valley. The Exponea’s Foodie Geeky Club consider it a celebratory drink.


This is not your usual restaurant, but a new corporate benefit. “We did not want to lose the experience of eating out by eating in. It’s great to come to the restaurant as a regular and skip the paying part. And you can also invite your friends,” says Exponea CEO, Peter Irikovský.

The bistro will remain open to other visitors, but Exponea will have seats reserved at any time. The benefit comes with the possibility to order a next day meal according to personal preferences, a chance to organize private celebrations, and since Exponea has a Foodie Geek Club, employees are also free to invite future colleagues for a special degustation menu.

2016_09_22_Bratiliano_poppyseed_FBpost_1200x628_1On top of favorite dishes like beef cheeks in wine, or veal ossobuco with risotto, you can order gluten-free versions of familiar dishes, and a special menu of prohibited food that global startups cannot offer. And yes, Exponea is hiring!