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  1. Today, and where AI is headed
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5 Reasons You Should Be in Love with Smart Machines

Apr 27, 2018 David Miller 3 min read

When growing up, AI was simply scifi and was only an interesting concept written about in books and played out in films where there were heros and robots, and the robots were evil. Very rarely were smart machines portrayed as something with feelings that had an empathetic heart.

We now live in an era in which AI is all around us and it is not here to kill you.

If the topic seems a bit saturated, sorry. Get used to it! AI is here to stay. Believe it or not, this is actually very good news. Machines have always been designed to improve the life of humans, they are our servants. That rings true in the many uses of AI.

Here is a look at areas of your life that have been improved, or will soon be improved, with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Personal Assistants will keep you on track.

Chances are, that if using a smartphone, you are familiar with Siri, or an equivalent, as your personal assistant. Siri was developed to actively participate in communication while learning tons about the user to understand preferences and utilize the info to improve the users life.

Bixby has also made its grand introduction into mobile services, claiming that it is able to see, hear and recommend. This of course is making your life much more manageable. With this modern use of AI, you can focus more attentively on things that matter while your phone will remember and carry out several of your tasks like a competent personal assistant.

Read the news while commuting to work with a Smart Car.

Yeah, smart cars. The future of driving lies in the hands of machines. Companies like Tesla and Google have been working on projects that will automate vehicles. Not now, but one day in the future, this will be a standard of transportation.

Having AI in the driver’s seat is a great idea, it will also save lives. Logistics drivers who are on long hauls will be able to switch over to “autopilot”, if falling asleep at the wheel. Bus drivers will be able to switch on the AI-powered driver, to deal with unruly passengers or any other dangers onboard, when necessary.

Purchase Predictions shape the way we buy online.

Almost everyone who regularly purchases online has their favorite website for buying anything from shoes to flights. You must have noticed that several sights, including Target and Amazon, remember what you like and are able to make recommendations.

Tools like  Exponea Experience Cloud  are able to offer these abilities, with the use of AI, to understand customers personally and make relevant recommendations based on customer behavior. This allows shoppers to find similar products to those that they have shown interest in, by previously purchasing something similar or viewing products.

This level of attention, given to each visitor/shopper, is proven to be highly effective in completing a sale. Exponea has been able to help e-commerce companies reach new heights with the AI-powered platform. AI elevates personalized communication and the relationship with each user. Revenues worldwide provide evidence that online customers prefer this level of personalization in the online shopping experience. AI plays already a big role in Ecommerce and many Ecommerce companies are leveraging AI-solutions into their processes.

Healthcare AI is freeing up time for industry professionals, allowing focus on what matters.

There have been huge strides forward with AI assisting doctors. It is capable of aiding in diagnosis and evaluations for laboratorians, nurses, doctors and researchers. The automation has been able to increase the quality of exhausting tasks that are prone to human error. This permits these medical professionals to allocate their time to areas of more specific value.

The medical field and the professionals who work in it, have more time to now communicate directly with patients and work with holistic diagnostics and deeper research.  

Facial Recognition secures the world around you.

There are several uses for recognition software. Many of the applications are used in the security realm to insure the safety of citizens. Facial recognition uses modules that are able to identify shapes; for example, a triangle for nose and circles for eyes. Using this software allows people of interest to be detected when in a public space that incorporates security cameras.

Personal security also comes into play. The ability to have your front door unlock when you approach your entry is an application that will one day become the standard. Although useful, still not in everyday use of the average homeowner.

Today, and where AI is headed

Think of it this way; as it stands at the moment, millions of humans interact with AI on a daily basis. The uses are already in place to help humans take control of time and initiate a way to do tasks which were otherwise difficult or tedious. This will allow for professionals to refocus energy into more meaningful work and even facilitate the ability to allocate more time with loved ones.

This trend will not slow down, rather accelerating with each passing day. We as humans are only on the cusp of understanding what the uses of AI will be. Imagine where humans will encounter smart machines in 10 years from now.

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