1st Kafka Bratislava Meetup

Matus CimermanData Science

Why would you start building a community focused on a single technology? In this region there are only a few companies using this technology. That is exactly the reason why! Apache Kafka is a brilliant piece of software. We’re living in a time that is driven by data. Data is everywhere. Nowadays, to be one who does not work with data is the same as to not exist. In Exponea, we’re using Apache Kafka extensively and benefit from it’s capabilities in several dimensions. Thanks to Kafka, we did not lose a single piece of data while working with valuable clients’ information.

“As a lover of real-time data streams and challenges it brings, I got hooked on Apache Kafka instantly”, expressed Matus Cimerman, Head of A.I. at Exponea. You can build amazing stuff on top of it, for example Exponea SmallBiz is solely using Apache Kafka for data processing and data stream analytics.

More than 60 people were in attendance from the academic world, startups and corporate businesses. To create a relaxed atmosphere, the event kicked off with networking and was followed by presentations. Of course, the event went very well from my point of view. Listeners were asking several great questions even during the talks and did not hesitate to interrupt speakers, which was fantastic.

We kicked off the 1st Kafka Bratislava Meetup with a presentation by Jan Antala, CTO of Pygmalios about “Exactly-Once Delivery in Apache Kafka”. It was an interesting presentation diving deep into problems of Exactly-Once Delivery in distributed systems. How can Apache Kafka help solve this issue and the approach by Lambda Architecture before Exactly-Once Delivery feature was released by Apache Kafka.

The second talk was given by Matus Cimerman, Head of AI, Exponea. He spoke about Kafka Streams, which is a lightweight yet powerful Java library for data stream processing. Thanks to Matus’ talk, we found out that real-time data streams processing isn’t so difficult today. You can solve various problems and build great products like Exponea SmallBiz on top of Apache Kafka and Kafka streams library.

The meetup closed with an extended networking period, which included pizza, beers and homemade pancakes! The stimulating afterparty lasted until midnight.

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Key takeaways:

Apache Kafka is solving several problems related to data-pipelines and distributed systems,

Data stream processing isn’t very difficult today,

There are numerous great and smart people running around Bratislava 🙂