What will you learn?

Start focusing on the metrics that actually matter, with ready-to-go strategies you can start using today.

This webinar will take you through the most important formula in e-commerce, showing how strategies used in online retail can be applied to gaming companies. We’ve included descriptions of which KPIs to focus on, along with tactics for sharpening your metrics most in need of work.

What are some of the highlights?

  • Specific strategies for improving Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Specific strategies for improving Customer Lifetime Value
  • A complete breakdown of the formula that drives online retail success


Andy Culligan
VP of Marketing @ Exponea
Andy leads the marketing team of incredibly gifted regional & digital marketing experts at Exponea. He focuses on new business opportunities and is actively involved in leading his team. Drawing on his passion for the math of marketing, he is able to run, measure and optimize both online & offline campaigns, targeting key prospects and converting them to happy customers in the online retail space.
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Sam Kellett
Head of Content @ Exponea
Sam leads Exponea’s content team within the marketing department. He has a background in online casino gaming, handling marketing campaigns for America-facing brands for two years prior to starting at Exponea. Sam now focuses on planning Exponea’s content cycles, and supporting his team of writers to deliver relevant, value-driven articles on specialized marketing topics. His work has recently been centered on the math behind online retail’s key metrics.
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